Art Crawford, Riverside's first pastor, has written a series of booklets on various topics.

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TitleDescriptionFile SizeDownload
16 Prophetic TruthsA list of some of the major topics of Biblical eschatology339.66 KBDownload
BaptismAn examination of the word baptidzo and the subject of baptism127.2 KBDownload
Biblical TermsPrecise terms used by the Holy Spirit to describe what God has done for us in Christ111.03 KBDownload
Comfort for the BelieverPassages describing what Christ has done and the riches of His grace17.05 KBDownload
Daniel chapter 7Analysis and comparison of the visions in Daniel chapters 2 and 785.76 KBDownload
Free WillA scriptural examination of the topic of free will26.12 KBDownload
GreekAn introduction to the Greek language of the New Testament, and a list of grammatical and lexical aids245.42 KBDownload
1 Samuel 13:1An examination of different translations of 1 Samuel 13:197.4 KBDownload
PredestinationGod declares that He chose us and predestinated us before the foundation of the world123.07 KBDownload
Saving FaithExamines how the peace and assurance that comes from understanding the finished work of Christ is related to belief184.09 KBDownload
SovereigntyA few of the many passages of Scripture which reveal the greatness of our sovereign God in His creation and His grace toward us126.5 KBDownload
The Diety of ChristA simple review of some of the great number of Biblical revelations of the deity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the fact that He Himself is Jehovah God224.4 KBDownload
The Humanity of ChristJesus Christ is God, absolute deity, and without ceasing to be God, became man, absolute humanity116.53 KBDownload
The Return of the LordIsrael, the Church, and the second coming of the Lord458.93 KBDownload
The Righteousness of GodScripture, God's revelation of Himself, declares without apology that God is righteous133.57 KBDownload
The Will of GodWhat does the Lord want us to do?79.66 KBDownload
Twice DeadTwice dead and the new birth - what God has done132.25 KBDownload
What Christ Came to DoIt is a wonderful revelation of God's grace to consider what our Lord came to do72.17 KBDownload
What Manner of LoveAmos 3:3 - The greatness of God's love for us83.74 KBDownload
God Beginning and EndingGod's decrees, before the foundation of the world, established His purpose in creation157.78 KBDownload